M1 Newest AI Smart Watch With Bluetooth Earphone Heart Rate Monitor Smart Wristband Long Time Standby Sport Watch Men


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Basic functions:
 AI Smart
 TWS stereo headphones, single or two simultaneous use
 Heart rate test,Blood pressure test
 Step counting, mileage, consumption
 Sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, lifting wrist screen
 WeChat, SMS push,Shake a picture

English;Russian;Portuguese;Spanish;German;Dutch; French

Software download
iPhone to Apple AppStore store to search for "AMKang" software and download.
Android downloads the AMKang software by QR code recognition.

BLE connection device and pairing
BLE connection: Search for the device model and connect in the Settings > Device interface of the APP.
After the connection is successful, the device model AMKang will be displayed under the My Device of the APP, and the upper left corner of the time interface on the device can be seen. Bluetooth successfully connected the symbol. If you do not see the symbol indicating that the connection is unsuccessful, please re-operate. The time is automatically synchronized when the connection is successful.
After the first connection is successful, the device will be automatically connected after the device is turned off and the signal range is turned off and then returned to the host.
APP connects to the second or third device..... device, please unbind the app first, and then connect the device.
Note: The connection of the device cannot be connected under the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone. You must connect to the device before you can use it in the app.

Connection and matching considerations
Make sure the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is turned on;
Make sure that the equipment is fully charged, please turn it on or charge before use;
Make sure the device is within 50cm of the phone when pairing the connection;
If the Android phone does not find the device in the mobile app, please check whether the "AMKang" is allowed to use Bluetooth in the phone permission setting;
When pairing the headphones, make sure that the headphones are taken out from the wristband host; if no Bluetooth is found, put the headphones into the wristband and take them out.

It is forbidden to use the adapter with charging voltage >5v and charging current >2A, charging time is 60 minutes;
 It is forbidden to charge in case of water stains;
 It is forbidden to soak, swim, dive, diving, hot shower;
 This product does not support waterproofing. Please remove it when washing hands, rain, strenuous exercise, etc., which may cause the equipment to enter the water.
 This product is an electronic monitoring product, not for medical reference, the data is for reference only;
 Blood pressure test method: Please keep your body relaxed and still when testing, and make sure the wristband is at the same height as the heart. Please do not speak when testing;
 Wearing the ear during strenuous exercise may cause the product to be damaged or lost during exercise.

Customer Reviews

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Ordered for the sake of interest. Didn't expect it to be much, but I changed my mind very fast, the fitness watch is so high quality and helpful


Item came well packets, and arrived well before estimated arrival time. Recommended


fast shipping, works well. I thought it'd be huge but it's actually smaller, perfect. everything works well and the earphones works well


fast shipping, works amazingly, never seen such a device, great watch, exellent earphone sound, very clear, thank you so much!


The headphones work super, the smart watch is very cool, i like them. After two weeks, it was perfect. My friend bought one at a lower price in another store but it broke down in three days, so it's guaranteed that the price is a little higher and the quality is guaranteed. It's worth recommending.