3 layer Frog Style Portable Baby Food Storage Box Essential Cereal Cartoon Milk Powder Boxes Toddle Kids Formula Milk Container


$9.90 $18.90
SKU: 20225674-blue

Age Group: Babies
Type: Storage Boxes & Bins
Use: Food
Pattern: Three - Layer
Material Feature: Latex Free, Nitrosamine Free, Phthalate Free, BPA Free
Pattern Type: Patchwork
Model Number: M090
Age Range: 0-3M, 4-6M, 7-9M, 10-12M, 13-18M, 19-24M, 2-3Y
Material: PP

✓ 3 layers individual storage design, each layer individula open mouth
✓ Good sealing, not easy to damp
✓ Multifunction: storage milk powder, fruit, food etc.
✓ loop handle for carry

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Customer Reviews

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We are using these for my Fur-baby. These showed up in the suggested spot when I was searching for the Beechnut-chicken and turkey Baby food. When she was getting fixed the Vet recommended those baby foods as her temporary diet for a few days since they dont have onions in them. SO when I was ordering more of the food, since she seems to think of them as treats now, I saw these containers just below the baby food and thought what the heck Ill give em a whirl. Turns out they are perfect for her canned food too since its the 2.5 or 3oz small cans and this way her food wont dry out in the fridge. And they are nice for her dry treats, it keeps them dry and from going stale.

I also found that they are good for when we travel with her. Before we leave we just open a can/s and fill the little plastic jar/s with the food and chuck them straight into the cooler and shes good to go. when she gets hungry or at stops we open them and happily theres no water from the cooler inside, nor cat food/juices inside the cooler. So the seal is tight. Meaning when you twist the top they tighten, they dont semi-tighten like some others do and then pop and keep tightening forever like some containers weve encountered. And container wise nothings more annoying than trying to tighten a lid and have it just continually pop and then leaks everywhere.

So, in short we are loving these.


it can store lots of things! so good for new momies!