Unique luxurious BPA free FDA pass safe baby gold and sliver baby pacifier and pacifier storage box Nipple Storage


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SKU: 22253318-gold-0-to-6m

Material: PP
Type: Wide-top
Color: gold and sliver
Size: One Size
10x6cm ( 3.94 x 2.36in )
Quantity: 1 Pc

✓ High quality of materials.
✓ Pacifier is a must-have accessory for baby,and therefore it should be well stored.
✓ This storage box can protect pacifier from being dirty and dustproof.
✓ Made of BPA free materials,it is safe and no toxic.
✓ Durable,portable,easy to clean.
✓ Suitable for all kinds of nipples,and you can store baby snacks too.
✓ A handle is included and you can hang it on baby stroller or your bag.
✓ 1 pc of storage box only,other accessories demo in the picture are not included!

All gold and sliver pacifier and storage box, BPA free and pass FDA certificate, all safe to baby, beauty and safe at the same time. not wait, get one for your cool baby.

How to clean?
✓ Pacifier: DO NOT BOIL the whole pacifier. Wipe clean with damp cloth. Boil the nipple only.
✓ BOX: DO NOT BOIL the whole pacifier. Wipe clean with damp cloth.

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Customer Reviews

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Love these pacifier cases❣Makes it convenient and sanitary for storing my granddaughter's pacifiers. Got a couple of them so one is in baby bag carrier for a spare and other has one she is using near her at all times. Keeps pacifier clean and easy to find, also away from our 2 dogs who just love to lick and kiss baby when we least expect it 💞 Thank you for this product, wish I had it when I had my 4 children 🤗